Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Exchange UM Messages are not Delivered to Mailboxes

When MSExchange Unified Messaging Event IDs 1423 and 1446 are being logged on the Exchange Unified Messaging server(s), this indicates that there are issues with the UM server delivering messages to the Hub/Transport server(s).  

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Publishing Lync Simple URLs with F5 Big IP as Reverse Proxy

While working with customer to publish their Lync Simple URLs through a F5 Big IP running v. 10.2.0, we were having some issues with getting the page to come up externally.   DNS entries all seemed to be correct and pointing to the proper external IP addresses.  We had verified the firewall rules were configured correctly to perform Port Address Translation from the Public IP on port 443 to the Internal/DMZ F5 VIP on port 4443, and we could see the traffic getting passed all the way through to the Front End server(s).  Wireshark captures confirmed this as well.