Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Effectively Managing Lync from a 32-bit Windows OS

Although it is less common these days, occasionally you may run into a situation where you or a customer may need to manage your Lync infrastructure from a 32-bit machine (typically Windows XP or Server 2003).  Leveraging both the Lync Control Panel and Lync Management Shell commands run remotely, this becomes one less obstacle for you to worry about.

I'm a Microsoft Lync vTSP!

I was recently selected to participate in Microsoft's Virtual Technology Specialist Program (vTSP) for Lync.  Every year Microsoft selects a group of from it's top partners to supplement their internal sales and product teams.  The goal of the Virtual Technology Specialist Program is to build a stronger relationship between Microsoft and its Partner Community, and at the same time provide customers greater access to product expertise.  Those selected for the vTSP work closely with the Microsoft teams on pre-sales activities and provide architectural guidance for Enterprise Integration solutions.

So what does this mean for me?  As a vTSP I get access to Microsoft resources, including internal Microsoft technical documentation, VPN access to Microsoft systems, and an email address.

I'm definitely excited to be part of the program and see what new opportunities and challenges it puts in front of me!