Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Updated Lync Debugging Utilities!

I mentioned this on Twitter a while back, but I find it worth posting again as they recently helped me in troubleshooting some issues with a customer.  Just prior to RTM of Lync 2013, Microsoft released a new set of Debugging Tools.  Included in the bundle are updated versions of Snooper, OCSLogger, OCSTracer, and ClsController.psm1.

A brief rundown of each tool and/or changes in the new release:

Snooper - Updated to include a SIP call flow ladder.  This is incredibly useful when troubleshooting potential call issues.  The great thing about this version of Snooper is that is can be used with legacy versions of Lync and OCS logs!  See below for an example screenshot.

OCSLogger - Notable inclusion because OCSLogger is no longer installed with Lync 2013 as it has been in previous versions.  This is primarily because of the new Centralized Logging Service (CLS).

OCSTracer - Used in conjunction with OCSLogger to capture and parse OCS/Lync logs.  This is what converts the ETL logs captured by OCSLogger into "human readable" log files.

ClsController.psm1 - This PowerShell Module can be loaded on a Front End server to customize the CLS scenarios available out of the box to more closely scope them to fit your troubleshooting needs.

You can download the latest version of the Lync 2013 Debugging Tools here:

Happy Troubleshooting! :)

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